April 7 Storm Update

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief is currently responding to April 7 early morning storm damage. Damage assessments are currently underway and local teams have been, and/or will be, activated to assist according to needs. Updates will be provided as the response demands. Please note the following information:

– Flash flooding has been reported in low-lying areas of Birmingham and Shelby Counties. Some impacted areas are currently closed due to flood waters. It is reported that a number of commercial locations such as apartments complexes and business locations have received damage. Assessments for mud out response will take place for homeowners as soon as floodwaters recede. Disaster Relief leadership is working in cooperation with local EMA officials in both areas.

– The Tuscaloosa Association Chainsaw Unit has been deployed to address damage in the Coker area. Initial assessments indicates they will not require additional support from other teams. Additional resources have been asked to remain aware of a potential call-out. 

Mel Johnson
Disaster Relief Strategist



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