South Carolina Response Update

Chaplain Julia Ford with home owner of completed mud out site. Volunteers were able to pray with her and then gave her a DR Bible with signatures from all of the crew that helped clean out her home.

The first full week of ministry is now drawing to a conclusion in Columbia, S.C., the area assigned to Alabama for disaster relief work. Four associational teams supported by a feeding team, assessors, chaplains, administration and white hat leadership have established operations at North Trenholm Baptist Church. Ministry has been productive and our teams currently onsite are about to transition out to return to Alabama. 

A second rotation consisting of five associational cleanup/recovery/mudout teams is preparing to deploy over the weekend to continue Alabama’s ministry effort. The teams will again be supported by a feeding team, assessors, chaplains, administration and white hat leadership. Please note the associational teams scheduled to work the week of October 18-24:

District 4 – Tuskegee/Lee
District 7 – Columbia
District 7 – Baldwin
District 12 – Chilton
District 12 – Elmore #2

Additional support personal from various associations will also serve in the following capacities:


Alabama has been asked by South Carolina to assume complete on-site responsibility and coordination in the Columbia area for our volunteers as well as any incoming teams from other states. We have committed to manage the area-wide effort and will continue operations as needs dictate. 



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