Sandy Update #6

Following a request from Area Command/NAMB, the ministries of Alabama D/R mobilized a cluster of resources to support the multi-state response for hurricane Sandy. The teams rendezvoused and were dispatched early AM on November 3. I received a call from Area Command this morning ordering our feeding unit to stand down. The state feeding unit, feeding personnel, childcare personnel, communications personnel, and related support equipment are returning to Alabama. Please note that multiple state conventions with feeding units engaged have been ordered to return home.

Cleanup recovery teams are proceeding on into the disaster area as requested by Area Command/NAMB. Let us be mindful that disasters are at best difficult to respond to. Communities as well as those serving often face challenges beyond our control. Remembering that our service to our Savior compels us during times of national tragedy, I ask that you please refrain from expressing frustration and/or voicing opinions until we can learn more details regarding the stand down orders.



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