Chaplaincy 1Disaster Relief chaplains provide a ministry of presence and support to those who have survived disasters. These men and women are trained to provide emotional and spiritual first aid. They are trained to listen, help explore options, assess the need for intervention by mental health providers, and provide   spiritual support and guidance to those in crisis. Chaplains offer support for Disaster Relief teams as well. The following list outlines the chaplain’s ministry:

Chaplains are attached to other Disaster Relief teams to assist in providing spiritual and emotional care to the survivors and team members.

Chaplains may assist the Incident Command Post in caring for the incident command team.

Chaplain teams will deploy to communities to go door-to-door and provide care for survivors and others in a community.

Chaplains provide spiritual and emotional care to first responders, public safety personnel, and volunteers involved in a response.

Chaplains may be assigned to assist the local hospital or nursing home in the aftermath of a disaster.

Chaplains may be assigned to shelters, economic recovery centers, points of distribution, and walk-up medical facilities.

Chaplains also provide care to, and in support of, pastors who may be overwhelmed with needs during a disaster response.