Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief to Assist South Carolina

South Carolina is in a state of emergency and has fielded first response aid from several other southern states. To date, nine dams have been breached and there are 13 confirmed fatalities. Communities are receiving search and rescue efforts as flood waters begin to recede. South Carolina Disaster Relief has requested support from contiguous states and Alabama with operations to begin as soon as flood waters and emergency management operations allow.

Three mud out teams, administrative personnel and a feeding unit that will primarily be tasked with feeding our volunteers are being mobilized. A team of 10 chaplains in addition to the ones already embedded in our other teams will also be mobilized to aid in community-wide crisis support. In total 50-60 people will be on the field. 

Preliminary assessments indicate that this will be a lengthy response effort. We have committed to the South Carolina Baptist Convention that Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief will take responsibility to adopt and manage a geographic area and report directly to South Carolina Incident Command. We anticipate a long-term deployment that will involve rotations of teams in and out of South Carolina for the next 6-8 weeks. Teams are projected to leave Alabama as early as Thursday of this week with the specific location within South Carolina as of yet unassigned.

How you can help right now? 

1. Please pause and pray for those involved in this crisis as well as our volunteers who are going to assist.

2. Make a donation at to assist with the South Carolina Flood Relief. 



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