April 28-29 Storm Update #4

Please take a moment to pray this morning as you begin your day. Your partnership in prayer to assist the Global Missions Disaster Relief Ministries is needed at this moment. I am sure you are now aware that last evening and the early morning hours played host to a very severe round of tornadoes and […]

April 28-29 Storms – How You Can Help Now

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers have trained for days like these when action is required. Many have asked what they can do to help those affected by this week’s storms. Here are a few basic ways to get involved immediately and have the most impact: 1. Pray. 2. Donate monetarialy to Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief at http://www.sbdr.org/donate. 100% of all […]

April 28-29 Storm Update #3

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief currently has three areas of impact in the state requiring multiple response efforts: 1. Six chainsaw teams with heavy equipment and chaplaincy support are moving into Limestone Association for response in the Athens area.  2. Five chainsaw teams are on site or in-route to the rural Sardis area of Etowah/DeKalb Associations. […]

April 28 Storm Update #2

At the request of local Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Alabama Baptist Disaster relief will be moving six chainsaw teams and heavy equipment into Limestone County in the early AM. Chaplain teams will also be joining the chainsaw teams for community support as soon as they too can be deployed. Updates will be posted here to […]